Do I Need To Copyright My Company T Shirts

If you have desire to copyright a t-shirt or unique portion of a design t-shirt, then you should be alert of how copyright jobs and how it can connect to different parts you may have on a shirt. A real artwork that you want to feature on a t-shirt is already saved by copyright law and you own the copyright on it by virtue of making it. You cannot copyright an idea for a t-shirt, since methods cannot be saved by copyright, nor can copyright a technique for printing or creating t-shirts. Even as you may be capable to copyright a picture of a tee, you should use a service mark or trademark to save a logo you may need to print on the t-shirt.

What is international copyright law?

International copyright law offers protection for works of artistic and art creations. This copyright security exists at the moment a job is created, and so you can copyright a t-shirt design just by making the picture on the shirt. If you want to generate a t-shirt featuring a piece of art that is the real creation by you, then you need just make that artwork and you own the copyright on it. You may want to register a copyright for a picture to have bigger protection, and this can be done via a private or government agency in your country.

Copyright a t-shirt idea

You cannot copyright a t-shirt idea, anyway, since ideas are not covered under copyright law. Copyright will also not cover a general or vague design for a tee, such as the method of having while text printed on a black tee. You cannot copyright the printing process t-shirt technique, because this would be covered by a patent. Get in touch with a patent office in your nation for more detail on this process. Only real jobs of art and artistic formations can be covered by a copyright.

What about business logo?

If you want to copyright a tee that contains a business logo, then you should sign up that logo as a service mark or trademark. Copyright protection just spreads to artistic jobs, and anything that displays your business would need to be covered under trademark law. You should contain a trademark indicator such as TM and register your trademark with the right government agency for the nation in which you live. If you live in the United States, for example, then you can copyright a t-shirt art and legally register that copyright with the US copyright office.