Care tips for Brazilian natural weave

  How to style Brazilian natural wave

This wave will offer you with a look that will make you have a perfect character than you have ever though. This hair is also full bodied and soft. Although it needs a top maintenance than other hairstyles, it does not mean it will be hard to do it.

Key specs of natural wave Brazilian hair

  • Each bundle weighs 100g. You also need to have about 3 bundles to you head a complete look. But if you have longer hair lengths, you will definitely need more packages.
  • The standard of our hair is Remy Virgin. This denotes it has not been processed thus the hair cuticles are undamaged and rightly aligned.
  • Product permits you to wash, bleach, and even style it in any way that you need, this is because it has undergone lowest processing.

How to style Brazilian natural wave

You need about 3 bundles where each package weights 100g. if you have extensive hair, then you need to know the following:

10-14 inches – 2 bundles

16-22 inches – 3 bundles

21-30 inches – 4 bundles

It is advised that you install your hair at shop but if that is not possible, then look for an expert stylish that will follow the following tips to fix the wave for you.

The tracks weave should not be slice at all; expect of, each weave arrive at should be kept full and permanent by covering around the head. If the tracks are slice, there will be free ends that will provide room for shredding.

Weaving via the weave tracks is also not advised. If that is completed then it will threaten the striping that was completed and lead to cracking over time.

You can curl and straighten your weave the method you want. You gotta keep in mind that kinky curly solutions is better for finding reliable sales on brazilian extensions online.

Improve your brazilian natural hair

  • Before you embark on washing your hair, ensure to begin by brushing it with a paddle brush to make sure that the strands are flowing free. If you have straight hairs, brushing star from the tips of the hair and job your method up to the roots. Don’t try to comb your hair with perfect combs, they will destroy it.
  • Times to go to and sleep are unavoidable, but always ensure you tie your hair into a one twist and cover it with a satin cap.
  • Your weave is guessed to last for 1 or 2 years, but it will depend on how you will take care of it.